Outdoor swimming pool Meerssen, located in Meerssen (by bike only 5 minutes away from the campsite), is only accessible with tickets available at the reception of our campsite. These tickets cost 7 euros each. The pool has various outdoor pools:

Children’s pool:
The children’s pool is closed off from the other swimming pools with a fence and a wall to guarantee the safety of toddlers. Parents can keep an eye on their children from the adjacent terrace. Some play equipment is present in the pool.

Shallow pool:
A 30-meter water slide ends in this pool. There are also wild-water rapids, a super shower and some play equipment.

Deep pool:
The deep pool is a 25-metre short-course swimming pool.
The lawn for sunbathing consists of two parts.

Family area:
The family area is suitable for everyone who wants to spend time in peace. There are various picnic benches and some play equipment.

Large area:
The large area contains sports fields for beach volleyball and basketball.

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Please keep in mind that every year it is a surprise whether the pool will be open for business or not.