In Meerssen you can find the following sights:

• The basilica of the holy sacrament (“Basiliek van het Heilige Sacrament”), of which the middle part was constructed in Romanesque style around the year 800.
• “Gloriëtte” in the Proosdij park in Meerssen. A former tea room dating back to 1895.
• Meerssen train station
• “De Groote Molen” in Meerssen: one of the oldest grain mills in the province of Limburg.
• Vineyard “De Wijngaardsberg” in Ulestraten
• The Jewish cemetery in Rothem
• “Sint Joseph Arbeider” parish church in Meerssen designed by Charles Eyck
• “Sint Agnes” church in Bunde. This church on Sint Agnesplein (Saint Agnes square) in Bunde was designed by architects Fanchamps and Van der Pluym.
• “Sint Martinus” church in Geulle. The church dates back to the fourteenth century. The church was rebuilt in 1626 by Wolter and Conrad Ulrich van Hoensbroeck
• The reformed church, situated at Gansbaan in Meerssen, which was built between 1834 and 1837.
• “Holy heart of Jesus” church in Rothem, a listed building.
• Heritage Centre “Huis voor Natuur, Cultuur en Erfgoed”. Located on the market in Meerssen next to the municipal customer contact centre (KCC).
• Dullens farm in Weert. Centuries ago, this farmstead used to be part of the Vaeshartelt country estate.
• Country house Rustenburg in Bunde. This entirely restored eighteenth-century country house (and farm) dates back to 1654 and has a lovely courtyard.
• Geulle castle. This castle was built in 1600 by the Van Hoensbroeck-Geulle family in the marshland along the old course of the river Geul on the south side of the village with the same name.
• “Sint Catharina” church in Ulestraten. This church was built in 1904 in neo-gothic style and restored in 1983/1984.
• Vliek country estate in Ulestraten. This country estate was built around 1725.
• Meerssen synagogue. The restored synagogue is located on Kuileneindestraat 22a in Meerssen. It was built between 1851 and 1853 according to a design by the renowned architect J.L. Lemmens from Beek.

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